Falcons are beautiful and Falconry is fascinating ! It is not surprising that an increasing number of people feel that they would like to own a falcon themselves for falconry or simply to fly completely free for fun.

By definition, beginners in any field, obviously cannot be expected to be as proficient as experienced practitioners but whereas a lack of skill in billiards or badminton is unlikely to have any serious consequences, in falconry it may. Birds of prey are specialized creatures needing proper care. If their owner is ignorant of his birds' needs or lacks understanding of simple falconry basics his falcon may be condemned to a miserable life or die.

It behoves all aspiring falconers to gain at least a general knowledge of these matters before obtaining a falcon.

When I started , falconers were thin on the ground and I trained my first falcon with the aid of an old book written by a long dead expert . I knew no living falconer to guide me when I had doubts as to the correct way to proceed.

Not everyone learns well from books and even those that can, might at times feel more secure knowing that advice is available should they need it .I am happy to offer this support regarding preparations to those waiting to collect a falcon from me and then afterwards during training or at any time in the future when a second opinion might be useful.

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